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B111 - Face Brushes from the Silver Streak Collection


B111 - Face Brushes from the Silver Streak Collection:

B41-Large Powder Brush – Apply your favorite finishing powder with this synthetic hair brush for a flawless finish. 

B42-Powder Brush – Features a large, round fluffy head used for a diffused application of powder products. This - brush is perfect for seamless blending.

B43-Dense Powder Brush – Features a very soft, condensed fluffy head with slightly pressed bristles. Works best to contouring or powdering the face.

B46-Angled Chisel – This densely packed brush allows for a flawless application to your cheekbones, jawline and forehead for the perfect contoured look. The angled head is designed to elongate and perfect the features on you face and neck.

B47-Foundation – Apply your favorite liquid or cream foundations, as well as primers or tinted moisturizers. It also doubles as an excellent brush for your cream mask applications.

100% Synthetic Bristles & Cruelty-Free