How to Use and Care for your Eye Eclipse™

Instructions: Gently place The Eye Eclipse™ under your eye, covering the lower eyelid area. Gently wipe your eye makeup over The Eye Eclipse ™. Eyeshadow and mascara collects on The Eye Eclipse ™ while protecting & shielding your undereye area. Once finished with your eye makeup removal, thoroughly wipe off the reside from The Eye Eclipse ™, flip to the other eye and repeat the process.

The Eye Eclipse™ can be washed with soap and water, then dried and ready for your next use.

There are two different types of The Eye Eclipse™:

There are two different types of The Eye Eclipse™:

>> Original – Is very soft yet durable and can be used and washed repeatedly, for prolonged use.

Each package contains one Original Eye Eclipse™ product.


>> Disposable – Is meant for short term use and travel purposes, and is not meant for prolonged use.

This package contains two products in each package.

Each package contains two Disposable Eye Eclipse™ products.


*Make sure that all tools are washed and clean before use.

*Do not share personal tools and cosmetics with others for hygiene purposes.

**Warning: The Eye Eclipse ™ is for external use only. Discontinue use if signs of irritation appear. Keep out of reach of children.